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Suvra Chowdhury

Condolences to Suvra Chowdhury

We want to extend our heartfelt condolences to our ex-staff member Suvra (a.k.a. Suvro) Chowdhury who in a tragic incident lost his beloved fiancée just days ago. … Read More

Hostel Guests

Advantages of Staying in Hostels

Backpackers’ hostels have come a long way from what used to be just places of cheap lodging to save money. Hostels are made for travellers, often by other travellers. Today’s hostels are more synonymous with a lifestyle. Our friends over … Read More

Luxury Vegan Bath Toiletries

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Toiletries

Delivering the best of hostelling experience has been our motto since the beginning. We are excited to announce the introduction of cruelty-free vegan toiletries to our amenities’ set. Our private room guests will be provided with a free premium set. … Read More

Fruit Müsli Breakfast at ITH

Vegetarian/Vegan Breakfast at ITH

Since the very beginning we have considered, reconsidered, and then each time dropped the idea of free buffet-style breakfast. Instead we choose to serve homemade food that is made to order. This ensures that at ITH you always receive high-quality … Read More

International Paying Guest House

Where today stands the International Travellers’ Hostel (ITH Cantt), once stood the International ‘Paying Guest House’. ITH, essentially speaking, is a restart of the former paying guest house which existed about 2 decades before its modern successor. The International Paying Guest House belonged … Read More

Camping in Varanasi

Since starting out as the first of its kind backpackers’ hostel in Varanasi, and possibly all of North India, in January of 2013, our aim has been to offer the best and most diverse range of accommodation options to our … Read More

A Luxurious Hostel Room

Our Superior Double Bedroom Back in the beginning of the second quarter of 2014 when we planned the private double room of our hostel, we had our minds set – the room had to be unique and luxurious. The challenge … Read More

The Best Backpackers Hostels in India

We started out small & modest back in January of 2013. ITH was the first independent backpackers hostel in northern India. Since then we have made steady progress to become one of the best backpackers hostels in India. Being at the … Read More

We Say No To Plastic Bottles

International Travellers’ Hostel is dedicated toward ethical business conduct and sustaining our environmental health, apart from setting fair working conditions for our staff. Plastic is a massive environmental hazard. Besides destroying our habitat, it inflicts direct harm to all life on … Read More

The Yellow Tuk-Tuk

This post is here to let you know about our dedicated portal for all travel related content – The Yellow Tuk-Tuk! Do check it out and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates. Our Offbeat Varanasi Travel Guide can be found on the domain apart … Read More