The Best Backpackers Hostels in India

We started out small & modest back in January of 2013. ITH was the first independent backpackers hostel in northern India. Since then we have made steady progress to become one of the best backpackers hostels in India.

Being at the forefront of this travel ‘revolution’, we have had the privilege to witness a greater change manifest. Before long, the buzz picked-up and the idea of backpacking hostels seemingly exploded, giving rise to a number of such new ventures that have effectively changed the facade of the entire Indian hospitality industry. It is exciting to see so many backpackers’ hostels now popping-up all across the country!


One of the best backpackers hostels in India

As the Indian travel industry goes through rapid transformation, we have worked diligently to maintain the quality of our accommodation and overall service standards. Today, we proudly offer the widest range of accommodations to varied traveller budgets – from budget-conscious conventional backpackers to modern upscale flashpackers. Not to mention our in-house bistro offering healthy and delicious homemade vegetarian/vegan food & drinks. We call it food ‘made with love’…for the love of your taste buds!

Aside from the recently earned TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2015 & 2017 awards and the Guest Review Award 2016 we are delighted to share with you some of the popular Indian websites that International Travellers’ Hostel has been listed on in recent times.

We will leave you with the list below to enjoy as we look forward to have YOU over!


Websites listing the best Backpackers Hostels in India

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