The ITH Passport Programme

International Travellers’ Hostel has been at the forefront of the Indian budget travel revolution since 2013. Earlier this year we celebrated our 5th anniversary. And now, to carry on our celebrations all through the year, we’ve introduced the ITH Passport – a unique travel pass that will get someone you pick a free night with us here in Varanasi. They can then pass the love on to someone else. Now, that’s some good #TravelKarma! 😉

Only 100 of these passports exist. Each passport can be recycled virtually unlimited number of times. This is our way of sending the love of travel round & round & round!

ITH Passport

How Does Sharing the Love of Travel Work?

Guests who stay with us will probably pick up a passport each and then pass it on to someone else whom they meet on the road, or perhaps a loved one back home. The recipient, when visiting Varanasi, can then show up at the hostel, present the passport at the time of checking-in, and avail a free night in any of our dorms to become the ‘lucky one’. The lucky one can then either leave the passport behind for the next guest or carry it along, in turn passing it on to someone else. There is no limit to the circulation of a single passport, so each of them can potentially go around hundreds of times!

Please check out our FAQ below to get a full insight into the ITH Passport programme.


All about availing a free night with the ITH Passport.

What is the ITH Passport?
Simply put, ITH Passport is a travel pass to get you a free night with us here in Varanasi.
How do I avail the Passport?
When you stay with us, you can pick one up from our desk to ‘pass it on’ to someone else. If you are the ‘lucky one’, someone else will perhaps give one to you.
How long is the Passport valid?
There are only 100 of these Passports out there. All of them are valid throughout the year 2018. Once someone has used one, they can then ‘recycle’ it by passing it on to someone else after they have checked out from our hostel.
How do I claim the free night?
To avail the free night, you will have to ‘walk-in’ instead of making a prior reservation. To ensure that your visit isn’t in vain, you can certainly call us up or contact us through WhatsApp to check on availability. You can also check availability of beds on our website.
Is breakfast included?
No. Regardless of the rate you choose to pay for the first night – breakfast inclusive or exclusive – the free night is only a free night. You can buy delicious breakfast from our à la carte menu.
Can I stay for just one night?
You can stay for just one night, but that voids your claim of a free night. In order to avail the free night you need to stay for at least 2 nights. You will pay for the first night and the second will be free. Similarly, if you stay for 3 nights, then you will pay for the first 2 nights and then get the last night as free.
Can I book online through your website?
Yes, you can. In this case you will be required to book as many nights as you wish to stay with us (minimum stay is 2 nights). At check-out, we will refund you the money for 1 night’s stay minus Rs.50*, which is the cost of processing online payments.
Can I book through OTAs?
No. When you reserve through OTAs (Online Travel Agents), we pay a certain commission to them. This limits our margin and makes it practically unaffordable for us to offer you a free night.
Can I use the Passport to stay in any room?
No. The ITH Passport can be used to avail a free night in our dorms only.
Can I reuse the Passport?
No. The purpose of the ITH Passport is to share the love of travel with other travellers. If you keep reusing it, it defies the purpose. You can use it only once and then pass it on to someone else.
How many people can use the Passport?
1 Passport is valid for only 1 person. For instance, if you are a couple and receive only one Passport from a fellow traveller, then only one of you can avail it.

Booking Your Stay Online

*Example: If you stay in our Standard Dorm for 2 nights, then you will be paying roughly $12.28 (payment is made via PayPal in USD). The USD amount represents an amount closely equivalent to the actual cost in INR, which is Rs.998. This amount is irrelevant. The cost of 1 night is Rs.499. So the refundable amount will be Rs.499 - Rs.50 = Rs.449. Please note that above prices are mentioned for reference purpose only. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.