Our Team

Ashish Verma


Founder & Director, Designer

Ashish founded International Travellers’ Hostel in November 2012 out of his sheer love for travel. He worked as a Graphic Designer with renowned companies before starting ITH in Varanasi.

Today Ashish lives with his wife and son in Germany. He remotely manages International Travellers’ Hostel with the help of technology. Apart from creating policies and maintaining order, he also manages everything web-related.

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Cristiane König


Co-owner, Editor

Cristiane checked into International Travellers’ Hostel when she visited Varanasi for her volunteering programme as a student of Political Science. The following six weeks spent at the hostel changed her life forever.

Today Cristiane, a Political Scientist and an Indologist, lives together with Ashish and their son in Germany.

Shubha Verma


CEO, Chef

Believer of the Brahma, a devout and bona fide meditator, Shubha, Ashish’s mother, is a lovely woman. She cooks some of the finger-lickingly, lip-smackingly delicious foods served at the hostel. She also co-manages another business. And she is a charm among the travellers.

She makes International Travellers’ Hostel as awesome as it is today. She is a Superwoman!

Vikash Vishwakarma


Guest Assistant

Vikash’s readiness to go above and beyond to make our guests’ stay wonderful makes him a prized member of the International Travellers’ Hostel team.

Rajesh Patel


General Maintenance

Rajesh is the man! Father of three, Rajesh can’t speak much of your language, but he’s there to take all-round care of the hostel and our guests. Beware: His smile is contagious!