ITH Vintage Homestay Is, Sadly, Shutting Down

ITH Vintage Homestay Common Room

There have been many casualties—big & small—caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The fallout of the lockdowns is evident everywhere. As a business we have been going through challenging times since the mid of March. Although we have managed to pay at least part of the salaries to our staff for the locked-down period even with nearly zero business, we have had to make some tough decisions on another level.

We are unfortunately and with a heavy heart shutting down our ITH Vintage Homestay property.

After over two months of lockdown and in the absence of the willingness of our landlord to forgo any rent, we were regrettably left with no financially viable way forward. The pandemic hit India whilst the property was still in its infancy – just under 6 months young. During this time we hosted a lot of amazing travellers from around the world. Guests loved their stays and we loved hosting them – a tad bit of indemnity that we can draw out of this situation.

Naturally this affects the lives of Vishal and his wife Pallavi who lovingly operated the homestay. They have to now close this short-lived albeit vigorous chapter of their lives and move on to a different future, dejected, yet with a sense of optimism nestled in their hearts.

In the coming days we will be modifying our website to delist the homestay property. You are advised to not make any online reservations on any platform for this property as we cannot honour those. Any other information, promotion, etc. still visible online is as of now void.

Our hostel property continues to operate and we look forward to hosting travellers once again now that the lockdown has largely been lifted and transportation has resumed. Of course this will be done in compliance with the industry best practices for hygiene and other disease prevention guidelines issued by the governments and other health organisations.

You can reserve the hostel online as usual or contact us with your enquiries via email, telephone or WhatsApp.

Happy & safe travelling, everyone.

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